Criterion Jacket

In the 1930s, when cycling was a major means of transport, and demand was high for all-weather cycling garments, J.B. Brooks & Co. also offered cycling shoes and oilskin clothing. John Boultbee is the label under which Brooks produces all-weather apparel and sundry accessories for cyclists in the present day.

John Boultbee

Since this time, the clothing and textile industries have changed much in their approach to technical outerwear. The overwhelming trend has been to move away from traditonal designs and fabrics. Nowadays, the honest virtues of natural materials and classic garments are too ofen neglected in favour of the sometimes dubious benefits of newer textiles and utalitarian designs.
We believe in integrating the best of tradition with the best of innovation. Today’s resurgence of cycling as a means of mass transport opens new challenges for the purveyors of garments to a growing breed of discerning cyclists. John Boultbee products serve those who demand both function and style from their technical outerwear.

With this in mind in 2010 we re-started making cycling rainwear and other garments under the John Boulbee label. We initially worked with 2 designers from London to create our first garment, the Oxford Cape.