Brooks England


A detour that finds the countryside in London.

David’s Detour

1. David’s Office
Dalston Lane
Tucked away above L’Entrepot is my light-filled studio and hub, whether I’m working on Port magazine, or commissions for my new project Document Studios, the place is always buzzing with collaborators and friends.

Healthy Stuff Cafe
168 Dalston Lane, London E8 1NG
My local indie cafe for my daily flat white - it’s got a healthy slant, and a home-made vibe.

Clissold Park
Green Lanes, London N16 9HJ
A favourite in these parts, Clissold is the Victorian Park beloved of picnickers, wedding parties, and Gilles Peterson (so I hear), along with pretty much every dog walker in the Stoke Newington area. It’s a surprisingly lush and varied environment, in such a built up area, but that’s typical for London. It must be one of the greenest cities in the world.

Parkland Walk
Florence Rd, London N4 3EY
Parkland Walk seems to be a secret kept for local residents. It’s a green seam running along a disused railway line, including the bridges and disused platforms. You hop on at Finsbury Park, and when you slide off, you’re in the heart of Highgate.

Parliament Hill, Hampsted Heath
London NW3 1TH
The perfect peak for a green-hugging ride through London, and definitely one you get off and push for the last hundred metres, slowly creeping up worn paths in the grass to one of the most spectacular views of London. From here, is a downhill ride back to East London, and a well earned pint.

“ In a city run on creative adrenaline and financial buzz, places like Hackney Marshes are perfect for relaxation, just you, your bike and mother nature. ”

About David

David is a menswear writer and stylist living and working in London as fashion features editor of Port Magazine and fashion director of Avaunt Magazine. Born in Sweden, David has lived in London for the last 15 years. Drawn in by the cultural landscape, it was the music scene and fashion industry that made him stay.

For the majority of his time in London he has lived - and cycled - around the East End, which has taken him safely to both work and off-duty activities, i.e. the pub.

The sense of possibility is what he loves about London: if you’ve got ambition and drive there’s nothing to stop you. You can achieve anything as long as you’re persistent and believe in yourself.

David’s channels

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