Terms and Conditions



By submitting your personal information, you agree to allow BROOKS ENGLAND LTD. (the principal company) and BROOKS ENGLAND srl (the subsidiary) to store your data and use the information for statistical analysis, as well as informational and promotional mailings in respect of privacy laws applicable in the UK and Italy. The data will be processed using the support of hard copy and telematics. Providing data is optional, but the lack of consent to process it makes it impossible to provide the service you requested. Your information will be accessible to company employees and consultants designated to process the data and to those entrusted with the service of management and maintenance of computer systems. Your details will not be shared with any party, other than BROOKS ENGLAND LTD, BROOKS ENGLAND srl and their shareholder Selle Royal SpA. You have the right to obtain ratification, integration or cancellation of your data by sending your request to the company using the CONTACT FORMS in the GETTING IN TOUCH section.