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October 29, 2010 3 comments

Welcome to the Brooks Blog

Welcome to the Brooks Blog
blog.brooksengland.com The Brooks Blog will begin posting 1 Nov 2010. With the Brooks Blog, we will attempt to collect, catalog, and comment upon the influences and atmosphere that accompany our experiences in the ongoing care and curation of one of cycling’s oldest brands, and on the way, share with you how the world looks to us from the inside of the factory looking out. Initially, the idea to write a blog was prompted by the hounding of communication consultants who claimed we need to take advantage of the new world of Social Media, or face the dire consequences to follow. A prophecy we took with a raised eyebrow, before going back to work making and selling bicycle saddles and bags. We too are familiar with the obligatory Company Blog, Facebook or Twitter Page and didn’t want to do any of these things until we had a concept that would make visiting us worth the trip. Plus we did not have the money to hire the consultants. Luckily it occurred to us over time that our history, experience, involvement, and reach have granted us a unique viewpoint, at a crossroads where tradition meets innovation, sport mingles with lifestyle, and function tolerates aesthetics only slightly. Finally, the diversity of our team and the Brooks community should be able to provide great content. We are a company, but we are also individuals, and we encourage those of us who wish to contribute to express themselves freely, within the bounds of decency and reasonably respecting the philosophy of the blog. The individuals in our editorial team might not always express the company point of view. This is a risk we already took with the Brooks Bugle, our yearly company magazine. We are ready to risk again in order to offer another riveting read. So please, take your time and enjoy the effort we will spend keeping our blog relevant, interesting, and entertaining, and feel free to comment and help us preserve and expand on this proud heritage. All the Best, The Brooks Team
Hello Brooks,

I am a recent convert to your brand, having brought a Moulton F frame I wanted something that would look in keeping with the bike's design. I opted for a Brooks B17.

My first ride proved that I had made the right choice, since then I have also brought a B5N for my next project bike.

I will only be putting brooks saddles on my rides from now on.

I look forward to reading you blog on a regular basis, and if the rest of the site is anything to go one then I am sure that it will be a resounding success.
Lee Fisher May 23, 2016 at 3:23 PM

I am the general manager of Tactory Bikes. Tactory Bikes is a small Bicycle factory in NL where former addicts are trained to become bicycle technician. As Manager of this factory, where a lot of Brooks products are used, I follow all 'your moves' with great interest. I certainly hope your blog will be as worth reading as your website is worth visiting.
Good luck and all the best from the Netherlands,

Adri Hulshoff, Tactorybikes.nl
Adri Hulshoff May 23, 2016 at 3:23 PM
I have a Brooks 73 saddle and it is the best part of my bikes. yes bikes. It out lived two road bikes they wore out. They started new and thing would die to a point that a new bike was called for the Brooks was great and move to the next bike. I ride a 1955 Royal Port with my Brooks on it.
kevinpaul May 23, 2016 at 3:23 PM