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November 21, 2012 1 comment

Treats In Store At The Brooks Dashing Bicycle Show.

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Treats In Store At The Brooks Dashing Bicycle Show.
Sound advice, and there's a book-load more where that came from. Now read on... We revealed details a few weeks back of the imminent Brooks Dashing Bicycle show. A collaborative venture involving several American Brooks Dealers of Excellence as well as a handful of carefully chosen names from the bike trade, Dashing Bike begins its gin-soaked tour of the United States on December 8th at Huckleberry Bicycles in San Francisco. For anyone living nearby in need of further encouragement, we're happy to report that Grant Petersen of Rivendell has been invited along to say a few words at the opening reception. When Technical Mastery sits down with Common Sense and a Good Eye, great things can happen. If a generous dollop of Human Decency is added to the mix, we arrive at something like the company that Petersen has run since 1994. The man himself. Rivendell's Grant Petersen will be at Dashing Bicycle in San Francisco next month. The attractiveness and durability of Rivendell lugged steel frames is hardly even a matter for discussion, nor does the Rivendell online shop sell anything that Petersen can't engagingly rhapsodize upon in the Product Description. As well as this, he operates a system whereby Rivendell customers can get up to 75% of the value of a charitable donation they make straight back in store credit. Several excellent organizations are beneficiaries each year. Click here to learn a little more about it. His print magazine, the Rivendell Reader, is also an embodiment of the qualities which we associate with his company, and has been a trove of some of the best writing on and around bikes for almost twenty years. This year his first book, "Just Ride", was published. Conclusions he has honestly drawn from a life spent designing and riding bikes mingle with observations on the changing dynamics of the Industry as a whole. He also finds space to eloquently condemn the (as he sees it) undue commercial and spiritual influence of competitive racing on novice riders of any age. On top of that, his ideas about the questionable utility of bike helmets also get a run out. A few months back while touring with his book, it seems his opinions on the subject were willfully misinterpreted by the host and listeners of a radio show, and consequently landed him in some hot water for a day or two. Anyway, these and other opinions have been clearly laid out for the reader over a couple hundred pages of unfussy yet always coherent and more-ish prose. Curious readers, and those curious about becoming readers, will have the chance to grill him at Huckleberry Bikes this coming 8th of December, where he will join in the festivities and deliver a short talk for those gathered at the opening night of Dashing Bicycle.
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