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July 10, 2012 1 comment

Too Good For Just Our "Unsolicited Testimonials" Section

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Too Good For Just Our "Unsolicited Testimonials" Section
Scott's long since broken in Brooks Professional. Way back in the mid 1980's U.S. resident Scott Ellis bought himself a Brooks Professional. He proceeded to spend the following 25 years or so clocking up miles on it in all the usual ways - "Organized group rides, disorganized solo rides, Centuries..." - until recently, when a small crack in the leather began to deepen and spread between two rivets. And since some time, in fact since the early 20th century, we have been collecting  testimonials from our customers, many hundreds of which can be found here on our website. He is coming to terms with the fact that he may possibly require a new top for the undercarriage, or even a second complete saddle, but to show that he bears no ill will, Scott has penned a few verses in tribute to the perch which has provided him with over a quarter of a century of special times on the roads and trails of northern California. The Professional is still produced in it's '80s copper rivet configuration nowadays along with the occasional Limited Edition, often over recent years in colours other than Scott's coveted chocolate tones. We trust that our current range will contain something that finds favour with him. But enough shop talk! We'll let Scott take up the story... On A Bike Seat “Gotta be tough to ride that saddle” He said as we were on the road “Not so tough, I lost the battle” Said I and thereby broke the code. Bones of steel and leather skin I’ve had that seat for thirty seasons New rides, but not the seat again “Why” he pondered, “what’s the reason?” It took a month of saddle time To form this everlasting fit We chafed painful flat and climb Till it became my place to sit. Hand in glove is truth by half With use a glove is made a twin “This seat” I told him with a laugh “Truth be told it broke me in”
i also have just retired my pro. it was at least twenty years of miles with smiles, i think it ready to replace for a least a year, but still kept it on for another 5000 miles. i just brought the swallow classic union jack red and just put it on this afternoon. it is the most beautiful saddle i have ever seen, and had of my own.
i am looking for some advice on the breaking in process of this, not sure i did it right on the pro model, still fit like a glove for the last twenty,
should i soften up on the screw, tenson to start off? or don't touch it. ????? thanks, i loved my pro. but that jack looked to good not to try.
thanks, charles
May 23, 2016 at 4:31 PM