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April 9, 2013 No comments

The Tweed Run Pashley Auction

The Tweed Run Pashley Auction
Back in 2009, few could have predicted that a London group ride based on the idea of foppishly nibbling cucumber sandwiches would find many long-term subscribers. But of course, 2009 was pre-Downton Abbey, and anyway, the Tweed Run is famously about much more than one's choice of refreshment. It's gone from strength to strength since then, having both hosted and spawned similar events in other cities around the world. It takes place again in London this coming weekend, and as usual, the tickets are just about all gone. If your shoes and belt match, and you have access to a chunky looking BSA of some description, the organizers are usually content to let male riders wear things other than tweed, assuming they give off a tweed-like 1920's vibe. Ladies may also wear more or less what they like, so long as they do so with a healthy vintage sensibility. Brooks is sponsoring a prize for the Best Vintage Bike. As we say, the entire official allocation of tickets has already been long since snapped up, but an auction is currently in progress on Ebay. It's for a Special Edition Tweed Run Pashley. With a Brooks on top, of course. The successful buyer will also get tickets for Saturday's jaunt, and the proceeds of the auction go to CTC, Britain's national cycling charity.