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October 12, 2012 2 comments

The John Boultbee Elder Street.

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The John Boultbee Elder Street.
Soon to join our Criterion and Blackwell on the coat racks of Discerning Cyclists comes the latest fruit of our collaborations with Timothy Everest. Behold the John Boultbee Elder Street! We concluded this year that a traditional blazer cut would round out our range of garments for cycling quite nicely, so once again we got down to work with Timothy at his atelier in, ahem, Elder Street... The elbow, shoulder and collar details are of Ventile, a famously versatile cotton weave utilized in other John Boultbee jackets. A sturdy fabric, yet pliable, breathable and water repelling, only 2% of the world's cotton crop is deemed suitable in terms of quality to go towards producing Ventile. The John Boultbee Elder Street is first and foremost a blazer designed for wearing in the saddle. Hence certain low key reflective details which only become apparent after dark. There is also, however, an occasional all-day splash of Boultbee Blue, at the cuff lining, collar tab and internal shoulder straps Our jacket's specially treated tweed outer layer has been cut from Somerset's finest Fox Brothers wool. The Fox Brothers mill has been in existence over two and a half centuries. For generations it has provided Master Tailors with some of the world's most excellent flannel and tweed fabric for their creations. Renowned as the inventors of flannel tailoring cloth, in the last few years Fox Brothers have begun placing renewed emphasis on their tweed, a move designed to coax increased numbers of local West of England farmers back towards high quality wool production. Our decision to take Fox Brothers tweed for the Elder Street reflects our enthusiasm for this fine project, which we understand is already meeting with great success. Further details regarding the Elder Street can be found at our online shop, or by visiting selected Brooks Dealers of Excellence.        
Ross May 23, 2016 at 4:33 PM
Very elegant and classy
Bruno May 23, 2016 at 4:33 PM