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June 6, 2013 No comments

The Dashing Bicycle Show At Bikes On Wheels!

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The Dashing Bicycle Show At Bikes On Wheels!
Our hidden mirror-camera shows how mechanics behave when they think they're on their own. We're taking things North of the Border. Which isn't to say we're in the mood for a deep fried Mars bar on the final stretch of a Land's End to John O' Groats trip. No. Rather, the Brooks Dashing Bicycle Show is waving a temporary goodbye to the United States and gunning for Canada. Our next stop is Bikes On Wheels in the beautiful city of Toronto. Bikes On Wheels has a storied past, beginning from its initial incarnation as workers co-op, through said co-op's dissolution in the Nineties and then via a couple of changes of hands right up to today, where it enjoys a reputation as one of Toronto's finest bike shops. In recent years it has been a repeat winner of Now Magazine readers' polls for the... you've guessed it, Best Bike Shop category. Best Mechanic, too. Certainly there's hardly a shop on the entire North American Continent with more rivets in the Brooks Dealer Of Excellence programme. Robin, Seán, Liam and the rest of the Bikes On Wheel team are on hand this Saturday to raise the curtain. Our display of fine machines, excellent accoutrements, and premium Brooks perches must surely be reason enough for most cycling enthusiasts to pay a visit. With that said, anyone who needs further inducement is advised that our good friends at Hendrick's have set by a cask or two of their most junipery gin to help grease the Bike-Talk wheels. An hermetically sealed Brooks Dashing Bike Haulage Container pictured in Canada yesterday. And as part of our Dashing Bike Photo Contest, the rides on show are all going to be given away as prizes when our tour finishes. A Pelago, a Cooper, a Tout Terrain and a B-ant are the four up for grabs. Entry is not exclusive to Dashing Bike Show visitors, so get clicking. But if you're thinking about dropping by this Saturday from 7p.m. be aware that there are two Bikes On Wheels shops in Toronto, and that the Brooks show is taking place at their Kensington Market branch. The services of a Disc Jockey have also been engaged for the night, and we understand he has lots of Canadian music in all sorts of formats, from Gordon Lightfoot and Neil Young LP's to cassetes with Bryan Adams' and Alanis Morrisette's most popular hits on both sides. He might even have some Bieber mp3s on a stick, who knows?   The Brooks Dashing Bike Show Part 4 at... Bikes On Wheels (Kensington Market) 309 Augusta Ave, Toronto Opening Night- Saturday, 8th June. 7p.m.