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February 24, 2012 No comments

The Brooks WCR Grand Tour Update Page.

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The Brooks WCR Grand Tour Update Page.
Where do we start? A week is traditionally a long time in politics. However, if competitively circumnavigating the earth by bike had already been a common pursuit at the time of the phrase's invention, we feel sure that it would instead go something like - "A week is a long time in competitively circumnavigating the earth by bike". From Left. Kyle, Mike Hall, Jason Woodhouse, Stuart Lansdale, Martin Walker, and Richard Dunnett among the others at the start The past seven days have not been uneventful. Ten solo riders were scheduled to set off from Greenwich in London last Saturday, and most now find themselves on various routes through continental Europe. One, Sean Conway, has already reached North Africa and caught his connection to South America, but not before he was the beneficiary of that Long Distance Cyclist's mainstay, The Kindness of Strangers (KOS). No such thing as a free lunch? Guess again! Sean Conway á table in Morocco. If Sean can maintain this form for about another hundred days, Alan Bates' recently ratified Guinness record could tumble. Five riders seem to be following his path through Spain while two others, Simon Hutchinson and Stuart Lansdale, have headed East, the former blasting through Poland around about now to face the dubious charms of an early Kazakhstan spring. The latter slogging his way through the brutally hilly German middle parts. Mr. Hall getting his first glimpse of the Mediterranean this week But the big news of the week would have to be Mike Hall, who has taken the road less travelled and is already making his way through northern Italy. Amazingly, he has found time in his schedule to keep us on the edge of our seats with regular updates. We just hope he keeps his eye on the road! the secret to his success? Of course we're only joking, Mike stops his bike every time he uses the Smartphone. We can tell from his Race Tracker... backonhiscouch.com but surely not for long! Boy On His Bike Jason has some catching up to do. Jason Woodhouse has taken the road even less travelled and made his way back to England for the time being. After running into multiple technical difficulties in France, he decided it would be the smart move to re-group at home. And as soon as he gets his ride back from his local repair shop in good order, we fully expect him to be on his way again. Meanwhile Scotland's Kyle Hewitt arrived to the start at London but reconsidered at the last minute. His preparations for the event began two years ago, long before his recently born child was a twinkle in Mrs Hewitt's eye. After wrestling with his conscience, Kyle decided it would be difficult for him to reconcile the adventure with the implicit 6 months away from his young family. Many racers have been fairly diligent as regards updates to their Facebook and Twitter pages, and there is also a rolling newsboard on the WCR news section. The Brooks Blog is fully committed to bringing race followers a weekly summary of the most important developments as our nine heroes make their separate ways around this planet we call Earth.