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April 17, 2013 No comments

The Brooks Dashing Bike Show - Washington, D.C.

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The Brooks Dashing Bike Show - Washington, D.C.
Friends across the Pond of the World's Finest Cycling Saddles are abuzz with anticipation. And as Saturday approaches, our colleagues are putting the final transformational touches to Washington's Bicycle Space as the Dashing Bicycle Show readies itself for a fortnight-long stay in the American capital. On display with our superb selection of saddles, bags and other Brooks cycling sundries, we will also be showing some beautifully built-up machines from Pelago, Tout Terrain, B_ant and Cooper. There are no prizes for guessing the provenance of their perches. There are, however, prizes for something else. Send us a photo of yourself looking sharp with your be-Brooksed bike, and as winner of the Dashing Bike Photo Contest, we'll send you one of the aforementioned bicycles as soon as we're finished with it, which should be some time late in August. Along with these future prizes, some choice samples from the PEdALED range of cycling-inspired clothes round things out at Dashing Bike, and in case of a power cut, Bookman, the Swedish bicycle light manufacturer will also be on hand to provide any needed illumination. Looking at and talking about bicycle equipment is famously thirsty work, of course, so visitors can take advance solace from the knowledge that at this very moment, a couple of barrels of Hendrick's Gin are being rolled through the shop's doors. You won't have to drink it neat, though. Tonic and punch mixers have been sorted, and we're assured that Brooks representative Stateside, Michael Firn, has sourced some truly excellent cucumbers. For Opening Night on the 20th of April, we're also in the happy position of being able to remind you that none other than Eben Weiss of BikeSnobNYC fame will be there to say a few words, and sign copies of his latest book, Bike Snob Abroad. Mr. Weiss has visited us at the Brooks Works in Smethwick before, and we can vouch personally for his ability to rhapsodize hilariously on the subject of the Two-Wheeled and Human-Powered. So even if you're not already sozzled from your twelve pints of Gimlet, good vibrations are guaranteed. All in all, there's really no excuse for anybody who finds themselves in the general area this weekend not to make the trip to Bicycle Space, a shop that is counted among our finest Dealers Of Excellence, and widely regarded as one of the best bike shops in the City of Magnificent Intentions. We're overjoyed to have found in Jordan, David and the rest of the Bicycle Space team such willing and ingenious partners for the show and look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible this coming Saturday. Toodle Pip!