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July 25, 2013 1 comment

The Brooks Dashing Bicycle Show Hits New York.

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The Brooks Dashing Bicycle Show Hits New York.
New York's Bicycle Habitat is the latest, and for the time being, final host of this year's Brooks Dashing Bicycle Show. Their branch in Manhattan's SoHo district unveils our collection of fine machinery and cycling sundries this evening, Thursday 25th July, at 6 p.m. local time. And while the display models from Cooper, Tout Terrainet al remain in the shop for a fortnight, the free Hendrick's Gin cocktails will all be gone by close of business today. So get down there. Brooks is delighted to have had the opportunity to bring Dashing Bike to New York, and more specifically to Bicycle Habitat, because perhaps no other major Western city over the past ten years has seen such an increase in two wheeled, human powered traffic on its streets as the Five Boroughs. Charlie McCorkell's premises on Lafayette Street has been a hub for the city's bike advocacy scene since opening in 1978, at a time in the city's history when beyond cycle couriers and food deliverers, hardly anyone could be found using a bike to get around on a regular basis. From the shop's beginnings, and well into the Eighties and even beyond, actively promoting the bicycle as a viable transportation alternative in Manhattan and its surrounds was neither a profitable nor popular thing to do. So it serves well to remember that the current rude good health of cycling in New York is a relatively recent development, and owes much to the good work of Charlie McCorkell and people like him. This resurgence can be seen in the building of bike lanes on a massive scale throughout the city, as well as in the successful launch of the local Citibike scheme, not to mention in the increasing numbers of bike shops to be found everywhere. Bicycle Habitat itself now has four locations, the original shop at 244 Lafayette in SoHo, another a couple of doors up, a third in Chelsea and a fourth since 2011 at Park Slope in Brooklyn. It must surely be reward in kind for McCorkell's decades of selfless work that he finds Bicycle Habitat regularly described both by local word of mouth as well as in black and white by expert editorials as New York's best bike shop. Drop by to our Dashing Bike Show there tonight (or over the coming fortnight, minus gin) to see for yourself.   The Brooks Dashing Bicycle Show From 25th July 2013 for two weeks At Bicycle Habitat 244 Lafayette Street NY 10012
What a charming looking bicycle shop!!

Being in organics, I am ALL FOR less pollution by motor vehicles and love that more and more folks are peddling their assets around town.

All the best!
Colleen May 23, 2016 at 4:46 PM