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July 4, 2013 1 comment

The Brooks Cambium Passes With Flying Colours In Paris.

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The Brooks Cambium Passes With Flying Colours In Paris.
Our Cambium (here with the Hampstead Holdall) put down some cargo miles in Paris on Sunday Cyclists tend to be a famously tribal bunch. But in a good way, generally speaking. A pair of unacquainted fixed wheel riders stopped at traffic lights, for example, will often cordially compare gear ratios. And likewise will cargo-bike-riding readers be familiar with the near-unavoidable impulse to nod, wink or wave at other cargo bike riders they encounter while out and about. Paris is one of the many major world cities that in the past few years has seen a huge increase in the number of cargo bikes on its streets. There are all sorts of reasons for this happy state of affairs, which Brooks continues to both encourage and applaud. But Cargo bike riders in the French capital have moved on from the simple nod or wave in traffic to develop their own contact network, pariscargobikes.org. Last weekend they gathered to celebrate the resurgence of this most excellent mode of transport with a day of racing and other amusements. The Candied Nuts bike also had a Brooks on top, obviously. The entire spectrum of human powered haulage was in evidence, with Bullitts, Gazelles, Omniums, Christianias and Pedal Powers tearing around obstacle courses and sprint stretches, loaded up with children, boxes, stacks of newspapers... whatever came to hand. One of the racers, Fabrice Levannier from the courier company Paris Drop It, was competing on his Omnium cargo bike, to which he had fitted our new Cambium saddle after having been chosen for the Test Programme we announced in April. We see him above, clearly leaving everybody else on the course for dead. The Omnium is a nippy machine, and Fabian is no slouch when you put him up on a bike and tell him to go fast, but we feel sure readers will share our hunch that the C17 must have played some part in his rapid arrival at the chequered flag... At any rate, as we say, when not socializing with other cargo bikers Fabian can be found putting any saddle to the Ultimate Test in his capacity as cycle courier on the streets of Paris. Prior to trying the Cambium, he had a Swift for work, but the transition apparently hasn't been difficult. Since making the switch, he tells us he hasn't found any reason not to continue using the new saddle beyond our requested test phase, an opinion shared thus far by most Cambium users who have already reported back to us. Fabrice, while technically a cargo courier, does some furniture removal too. There's a difference.
What kind of silver steed is that!?!?
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