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May 2, 2014 1 comment

Patrick Siebert's MIFA

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Patrick Siebert's MIFA
Readers may recall this photostory of a Diamant rebuild we had from Patrick Siebert a while back. Since last talking to us it seems he's managed to locate another rust magnet and work his magic on it. This time around the lucky beneficiary of Patrick's eye for detail is his girlfriend, and the bike in question belongs, or belonged, to his girlfriend's grandmother. MIFA has been a well known name in the bicycle trade for over a century, and in former GDR times (along with Diamant and Möve) their town bikes, but also their tandems and folders were a familiar part of the East German landscape. And it was a Ladies MIFA that Patrick uncovered in a disused barn while on a trip with his girlfriend to her grandmother in Passow last year. Passow's a nice part of the world, with plenty to be doing with your time there beyond bike restoration. But Patrick felt suddenly overcome by the sensation of a vision forming in his mind. It involved him blasting down a leafy country lane on his Diamant accompanied by his girlfriend on a spankingly refurbished apple green MIFA, complete with Brooks additions and dog in basket. With summer fast approaching we are happy to report that the vision has become a reality. Pelle is a fine dog with excellent taste, and you wouldn't catch him lounging anywhere near a saddle whose name didn't start with a B. In this case it's a B67, and the tool bag and grips serve only to make him a happier and even more relaxed animal. Which is always good when you're trying to beat your boyfriend in a race down leafy country lanes with your dog riding shotgun. Thanks to Patrick for the photos, who we feel sure will be happy to answer any tech spec. questions you may have in the comments section below.
Really outstanding bike Patrick! Mifa and your girlfriend must be very proud.
Taylor May 23, 2016 at 4:56 PM