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September 9, 2011 No comments

On a Brooks to The Rugby Union World Cup.

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On a Brooks to The Rugby Union World Cup.
Cycling To The Rugby World Cup 2011 from Jodie Burton on Vimeo. When the young William Webb Ellis spontaneously caught the ball and ran with it during phys. ed. at the Rugby Boys' Public School back in the 1820's, he can surely have had no inkling at the myriad chains of events he would set in motion. There is certainly much sporting history we can trace back to his actions. But surprisingly, one little piece of it, at least, is bike-related. So with the seventh instalment of the Rugby Union World Cup having kicked off in New Zealand this morning, we wish to draw your attention to two people for whom today marks the end of an eighteen month long cycling journey to be there. And we're still not sure if they have tickets. Russian Prince Alexander Obolensky (with ball) was the first non-Englishman capped for England. In May last year Jodie Burton and Tom Hudson set off by bike from the Twickenham Rugby Stadium in London. 30000 km and 28 countries later, the two have made it to Auckland, with 48 hours to spare before a whistle signalled the start of the opening match between the host country and Tonga earlier today. The video at the opening of our post is possibly somewhat longer than most of those we make available for perusal on the blog, but we feel it must be a fairly eloquently summary of the the year and a half that Jodie and Tom have spent in the saddle. Take a look if you have the time. Of course, just a single frame can sometimes be also worth the proverbial thousand words. Makes you kind of jealous? Leaving England in May 2010, their stated goals were: 1.To make it to New Zealand by bike before the start of the 2011 Rugby Union World Cup. 2.To promote the sport of Rugby Union through their contact with teams and fans along the route. 3.To raise thirty thousand pounds for two worthy charities. Works out at about one pound for each kilometre covered. On the ride through Cambodia Numbers One and Two are sorted. Number Three still needs some work. Jodie and Tom's chosen charities are Rays Of Sunshine, an organisation that endeavours to grant special wishes to terminally ill children, and the Tag Rugby Trust which tries (no pun intended) to use the old Leather Egg in the context of additional volunteer work to indirectly help communities in developing countries. Their Facebook and Flickr pages have some beautiful pictures from the road, and on the former you can also learn some more about the progress of their World in Union Scroll. Crouch. Touch. Pause. Engage. Only those tourers putting down 200km per day are allowed eat and do laundry at Vicious Cycle.   http://www.cyclingtotherugbyworldcup.com