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December 21, 2012 No comments

New Year's Resolution. Shorter Sentences.

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New Year's Resolution. Shorter Sentences.
Talk about seasonal! If you want a Kara Ginther for Christmas, you're cutting it very fine. With 2012 drawing to a close, the team here at Brooks England Social Media Services Inc. has unanimously decided that it would be an act of Gross Unkindness on our part were we to continue, day in, day out, enthralling our subscribers with the sort of compelling images and reading material for which we have become famous, all the way up to Christmas morning and beyond toward New Year's, given that even a sub-standard-quality Brooks Blog post renders the typical reader unable to constructively focus on, or talk about, anything else until he or she has had a full night's sleep, said Vicious Circle of post-reading-sleeping-new-post-reading-sleeping being entirely non-conducive to the successful acquisition of presents for family and friends at a time of the year when family and friends are kind of expecting to receive presents in exchange for the ones they have given. To this end we're knocking the Blog on the head over the Festive Season, so depending on which part of the world you're in, after having read this, meditated upon its content till bedtime and then slept it off, you'll find yourself with a very generous two or three days' Present Acquiring time, none of which time need be taken up pondering any new saddle- or bicycle-themed input from us. We'll be back early next January, but before signing off we wish to convey our sincere thanks to our contributors, readers and customers for their astute and kind attention over the past twelve months, and hope we can continue endeavouring, as our predecessors under the Brooks name have done since 1866, to plumb the depths of Cycling's soul in 2013.