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April 14, 2016 1 comment

Introducing the 5th Floor

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Introducing the 5th Floor

It all started on the top floor of an East London car park - the 5th floor.

Originally a meeting point for ‘Tuesday Night Tricks’, where people tried ride backwards on fixed gear bikes, it quickly became a focal point for the London ‘fixie scene’. We would meet up, drink Red Stripe, talk aerospokes and ride around London.

Six of us quickly became friends and started a blog going by the name of ‘The 5th Floor’. As the London fixed gear scene rapidly grew, so did we - organising rides, racing alley cats and finally riding track bikes properly (in a velodrome).

6 years on from messing around on a car park roof, we’re now a team of 25 riders based out of London and New York. Together we ride, race, drink coffee and eat pizza. For us, it’s just as important we remain a group of good friends having fun on bikes, as it is racing and competing.

5thLDN is made up of myself (Luke), Rudy (co-founder), Alec, Alex, George, Pasquale, Raffaele and Reece - and at the end of last year, we were hugely excited to welcome five women to the team; Sophie, Aoife, Adeline, Clare and Petra.

We came from a fixed gear background and that’s still at our heart. Track riding remains a focus for many and the Red Hook Crit is big event in our calendar. As a team though, we now compete in wide a range of disciplines; road races and crits in the summer, CX and track in the winter and adventure/touring/gravel when we can.

This season, our London team are incredibly honoured to be partnering with Brooks and racing on their new C13 saddle. We’ve already put it to the test on muddy CX circuits, Belgian cobbles and cold crits - all handled with comfort and speed.

So what do we have planned for 2016? As mentioned, Red Hook is a big one and we’ll have riders racing in New York, London, Barcelona and Milan. The girls have just signed up for the Tour de Kaernten, a 6 day stage race in Austria and we’ll be competing in the Tour of Sussex, a 5 stage team race down South. As well as that, there’ll be the regular crits, road races, track meets and the annual 5th ‘training camp’ - last year we spent a spectacular, but incredibly tough, 8 days in the Dolomite Mountains. Of course, in between all the above, there will be plenty of coffee, pizza and beer.

Bring on more #ontherivet in 2016!

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