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English Cycle Style in Hamburg

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English Cycle Style in Hamburg
All photos courtesy henningheide.com What is it about the English, or at least the idea of the English, that makes the non-English look forward to the chance to be among things English, to enjoy English refreshments, and to talk of things English? English_Cycle_Style_Hamburg_Full_House For many attendees, English Cycle Style was the first chance to stand face to face with a limited edition Alex Moulton, to marvel at the intricacy of a folded Brompton, or to have their breath taken away by the sleekness of a Cooper bike, the dignified ease of a Pashley, or the timeless appeal of a Condor classic. The event was the first in a series titled English Cycle Style, a traveling selection of rightfully well-loved English brands designed to showcase their penchant for excellence, as well as the excellence of the shops who host this event along its tour. This particular event was held at Two Wheels Good, a new shop in Hamburg that stresses quality over quantity. What is more, to have these objects displayed artistically in the same room, apart from the normal hodepodge of helmets, mud guards, innertubes, and other articles of bike shoppery among which they are normally found, surely raised attention to their design and invited one to thoughtfully ponder their manufacture. We learn more and more that as the world of fashion turns its eye to cycling, demands from cycling industry professionals for greater clothing allowances are keeping pace, and events such as these have only added fuel to fire. Your next chance to experience this wonderful event series is April 8, 2011, at Single Speed in Basel, Switzerland. More photos may be found here.