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Darcy - An Anglo-Italian Restoration Job By Ciclico.

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Darcy - An Anglo-Italian Restoration Job By Ciclico.
"...truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of 7 bikes must be in want of a wife." In and around his native Padua, Ciclico's Leonardo Macciucca is known among all types of cycling enthusiast for the unique twists that mark out as special each of his individual vintage restoration projects. Barns, lofts and forgotten garages across the country make up the hunting ground where he uncovers his bicycles, typically seized and rusting under the accumulation of 80 years of inactivity. His reincarnations take on many forms, and most recently we were gratified to see that we could be of assistance with one of them in particular. Leonardo had decided to elaborate upon the retro elegance of an old Italian road frame that landed on his doorstep by concealing its bullish power beneath a relaxed and classic "English" look. "Money is the best recipe for happiness." So the paint job had to be racing green, obviously. Next, the drops got switched out for a set of moustache bars. And needless to say, the saddle had to be one of ours. But also the bar tape. And the tool bag, which we supplied in green... "You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you." You can see the full Darcy photoset here. Leonardo, as we say, approaches each newly found frame as a blank canvas, conceiving a fresh destiny and character for it while trying to anchor his vision to the bike's age and history. So sometimes the smart thing to do is replicate, even though taking such a course of action is easier said than done. To this end, a couple of his restorations have a real Time Machine quality to them; his boxfresh "Civetta Triple C", for example, a singlespeed homage to the Cinelli Laser look almost gives the impression that the last 30 years haven't happened yet. It's one of the several projects for which he was extremely lucky to be able to locate unused period componentry. But of course, with the Darcy he didn't really need to be. Prima Dopo www.ciclico.it