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March 17, 2014 No comments

Bunyan Velo - Part The Fourth.

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Bunyan Velo - Part The Fourth.
Running through the pictures and stories gathered together in the quarterly magazine Bunyan Velo is the common thread of two-wheeled, human-powered adventure. Since launching last year, BV has already attracted plenty of kind words from readers for the breadth of its editorial scope, and for its beautifully composed glimpses of a world seen from behind handlebars. We're happy to report that its fourth issue is now available for either browsing online above, or downloading as a PDF. Between its covers you can learn how Rob Perks tackles the thorny issue of coffee preparation in the middle of nowhere, how Logan and Virginia good humouredly tackle mudslides in Lesotho, and how everybody else tackles pretty much everything else with a Fatbike. As we say, it's a fine read and very much worth thumbing if the open road holds any interest for you. Which, given that you've made your way to the spiritual home of the leather cycling saddle, it may well do...