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B(r)ooks - The New Rivendell Catalogue.

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B(r)ooks - The New Rivendell Catalogue.
If Grant Petersen is putting something on paper, the chances are it's worth a read. So at Boultbee Towers, when news filtered through from the U.S. that Rivendell's chef d'équipe had a new product catalogue ready, we prepared ourselves to be happy. And we weren't disappointed. Since the company's foundation in 1994, one of the missions at Rivendell has been to supply practical and rock solid biking equipment and information, most of it designed for a biking constituency Petersen classifies as the "Unracers". In this bizarre parallel universe, Shaving Grammes and calculating Drag Coefficients both take a back seat to things like the avoidance of needlessly soaked feet, or, almost unbelievably, picking out a bicycle that you might actually ride for more than a season. It's a good-willed, pragmatic philosophy that also retains ample space for aesthetics. And one that remains decidedly non-Fogeyish. Rivendell stock saddles from our Select range, which they say "Darken with exposure to Methane". Mysteriously, the ideals of the Unracer are gradually regaining a foothold among riders the world over. And they happen to be ideals that resonate at our Smethwick works, where we build saddles that frequently outlive the frames to which they get attached. Full of entertaining extended discourses on matters as diverse as Tyre Size, the Complexities of the Bike Business, Pedal Choice and Child Rearing, we defy any cycling enthusiast not to learn something new and useful in the new and useful Rivendell catalogue's pages about the Bicycle, Cycling, Happiness, or even Learning itself. You can browse it online here, or order a hard copy from miesha@rivbike.com.