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April 29, 2011 2 comments

Brooks -The Choice of the Royal Family!

Brooks -The Choice of the Royal Family!
Some might consider it churlish on this Day of Days to be diverting attention from one royal family to another, but neither Wills nor Kate have ever gone on the record to declare any specific preference for the kind of seat they like under them when they're out for a spin. Unlike Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and her good husband Prince Daniel, that is. The Royal Couple took a tour at the beginning of the month around the province of Småland, southern Sweden for a few days. Småland, among other things, is the new home of art and design foundation Vandalorum, whose first exhibition, "Cyklar!", we had a look at this week. It's also the home of Skeppshult, the respected and iconic bike family who have been building frames in Sweden for over a hundred years. A dream made real. Or words to that effect. Attracting a lot of attention in recent years outside of their home country for the V-bike, Skeppshult have been awarded the Swedish Royal Warrant, and in this regard were delighted hosts to Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, who were on the look-out for a couple of sturdy yet stylish runabout with all the trimmings. Both were certainly in the right place, or rätt plats, as they might say. Skeppshult meticulously hand-weld and paint all of their storied steel frames on the premises. So in a way they could perhaps be considered the chief celebrant at a marriage. That of aesthetics and utility. Going to all this effort to get something right, it's important not to fall down on the details, of course. To this end, Skeppshult take pains to ensure the componentry attached to any of its pieces is the best possible for the job in hand. I suppose in another way, you could say, it's thus the task of a figurative Best Man to carry that figurative gold ring and make sure it gets safely on the figurative bride's finger. And what better figurative wedding ring with which to seal the deal than a Brooks? We have been supplying Skeppshult with saddles for a long time, so it's probably unsurprising that when Victoria and Daniel finally settled on a pair of V's, they both took them with an Aged Flyer on top, and some fine Brooks Leather Grips. Happily, those gathered for the ceremonial exchange of vows ("I solemnly pledge to Proofide her at least twice a year until Death us do part") were considerate enough to heed the Production Manager's request that no confetti be thrown as the two set off later that day from the factory on what could reasonably be described as their Honeymoon. Hurra! Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel collecting their bikes at Skeppshult.
why is the prince on a girls bike?
Rew May 23, 2016 at 4:06 PM
No matter what our station in life, or age, the romance of the bicycle still excite us. I am 76 years young and enjoy my two wheeled steed with the Brooks B66 on a regular basis. Thank you for such high quality product !
Carl quick May 23, 2016 at 4:06 PM