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January 16, 2012 No comments

Brooks and PEdALED at "MY BIKE" hosted by Merci, Paris.

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Brooks and PEdALED at "MY BIKE" hosted by Merci, Paris.
Both Brooks and PEDALeD will be represented at the MYBIKE exhibition in Paris. No major world city  has remained untouched by the resurgence of bicycling as a means of undertaking one's urban commute, or simply getting around. And by any scale of measurement, we can probably all agree that Paris is a major world city. It was with this in mind that we took a look last week at one of our Parisian Brooks Supreme Dealers Of Excellence, and today take a look today at MY BIKE, an upcoming exhibition taking place in Paris. It will showcase some should-haves for the bicycliste looking to cut a smart yet practical dash both on and off two wheels. As the organisers have it - "The mode of cycling in the city is no accident: it is a lifestyle, an attitude. Therefore Merci, always attentive to changing lifestyles, brought together the Best of Bicycling on the theme of Transportation in the City. For if the bike is a hobby, it is also a means of transportation from home to place-of-work. Increasingly, it adapts to our daily needs." Agreed. However, it's fairly accurate to say that until recently, the only conspicuous cycling one might be witness to in Paris over the course of a normal year would be on the final day of Le Tour. This is no longer how things are. In the past decade, fixie-equipped bike messengers and freewheeling bike polo players, along with basketed-and-belled devotees of the "Slow Bike" movement have once again taken to the Paris streets en masse after a half-century in the wilderness. And because it's Paris, they of course all need to be looking their best. This can involve great, yet subtle, attention to detail, such as establishing how the gleam of their mini cable lock plays against the colour of their shoes. It of course also involves getting the unspoken basics right. Such as having a Brooks, any Brooks, attached to seatpost. So we're showing a few things at MY BIKE. And Hideto Suzuki's PEDALeD label is also going to be there. It can be difficult these days to keep up with (and ascertain the quality of) the ever-growing number of casual bikewear brands, and the collaborative agreement which Brooks and Hideto made last year was of course partially designed to help people in this regard. The hosting site of the MY BIKE show, Merci, is itself a rather interesting shop, set up by Marie-France Cohen and her husband Bernhard. It invites renowned  designers to produce one-off or limited edition pieces. These items are then placed for sale at Merci, and specially marked on the floor by the little gold stars attached to them. Neither the store's owners nor the designers take any cut of profits on "starred" products, so that the proceeds go to help fund a children's charity effort in Madagascar.   MY BIKE at Merci. January 18th - February 18th 2012 111 Boulevard Beumarchais 75003 Paris