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Brace Yourself for Andrew Payne - Problem Solver.

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Brace Yourself for Andrew Payne - Problem Solver.
Triple Tandem riding enthusiast Andrew Payne was in touch with us recently. He was keen to enhance the travel experience of his wife and daughter in the two stoker positions of his machine. Andrew himself rides a Flyer but decided on something else from our selection for his ladies. A pair of Brooks B67's wound up being the final choice. So far, so good... It was only when Andrew went to attach them to the bike he calls his "Hogwarts Express", that a problem reared its head. The cross brace stabilizing the springs of the B67's undercarriage was interfering with the line of attachment of the handlebar clamps, which are of course mounted to the seat post in front. Attaching the clamp lower down the seat post? A possibility for sure, but one used at the expense of positional comfort for all three riders. Trying out some other handlebar clamps that maybe attached at a more fortuitous angle? Maybe, but all that traipsing around bike shops hoping to get lucky could be bit of a headache. Switching out those B67's altogether, for a saddle devoid of cross bracing? Unthinkable. So Andrew ultimately decided to fabricate new braces himself, shaped in such a way as to allow the clamp to fix at the desired height on the seat post, while continuing to provide stability to the frame of his sprung saddles. As we mentioned, Andrew has a Flyer for himself whose steel-work, as many readers will know, is typically painted black. Not normally so the steel-work of the B67, but the notion of applying a black powdercoating to his wife and daughter's new saddles' undercarriage seemed to him a good one. We agree. Nice work all round, Andrew!