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Bicycle Space - Bicycle Snob.

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Bicycle Space - Bicycle Snob.
Only three years in business and already rated by many the finest bike shop in the American capital, Washington's Bicycle Space is set later next month to be third port-of-call on the gin-soaked magical mystery tour that is our Brooks Dashing Bicycle Show. And as if the prospect of free booze in such salubrious surroundings wasn't sufficient inducement, on the opening night of 20th April, guests will be joined by the prominent American blog- and bookwriter Eben Weiss, who has kindly agreed to bring along a few advance copies of his latest offering, Bike Snob Abroad. Here's the Book... and here's the Brooks Dashing Bike Photo Contest. With the general subject of Cycling as his metaphorical hub, Weiss laces metaphorical spokes of humour through the holes and attaches them to a metaphorical rim of Common Sense, often with the aid of non-metaphorical nipples. So far, it has seemed a good way to build a wheel, with hardly a wobble in his daily blogular output since 2007. As a final touch, the metaphorical rim tape of excellent grammar along with a tube encased in a tyre and pumped to 10 Bar's worth of metaphorical self-effacement (That's enough metaphors - Ed.) has frequently placed him near, or at, the top of all sorts of Lists Of Influential Bike People. Doubtless he won't be the only Influential Bike Person at Bicycle Space come April 20th, though, because the shop functions as a veritable magnet for people with interesting opinions on the two-wheeled and human-powered. Since opening in 2010, the assembled mechanics, sellers and yoga instructors of Bicycle Space have successfully, it seems, done all in their power to win a place in the hearts of the local cycling community. The shop is located on the site of a former truck repair depot near Mount Vernon Square and was visualized from the beginning by its owners and co-workers it as a place to bring people together and promote social involvement through the common appeal of cycling. One of the ingenious schemes which Bicycle Space currently has on the go. Find out more... As such the shop's people enthusiastically organize group rides of various descriptions, such as the weekly Cupcake Ramble, during which riders are led a merry dance through the Washington outskirts by renowned pastry chef Sol Schott, who dishes out free cake to all participants. Bicycle Space also has a big roster of bike maintenance classes of all sorts. In fact, their reach and engagement is such that it can almost seem there's hardly a day of the week, or even an hour of the day, when somebody isn't riding or tinkering with a bike in the Greater Washington Area under the shop's genial auspices. They also have a large and thoughtful range of machines and accessories, and are rated with a stunning 5 rivets in the Brooks Dealer Of Excellence programme. There are Yoga classes, too, but the mats will be all safely rolled up and tucked away for Opening Night. Anybody living nearby is thus cordially welcomed to come along, buy a book, try a Hendricks concoction, look at the lovely cycling equipment we're showing with our partners, meet the fine people of Bicycle Space and maybe even take a photo of yourself and your bike for our Dashing Bike contest.