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January 24, 2014 No comments

A Visit to the Pegoretti Workshop

By jim holland
A Visit to the Pegoretti Workshop
The lounge at the Pegoretti workshop Lately we have perhaps been in danger of mentioning the name Dario Pegoretti a little too often, but well, let’s be honest, Dario Pegoretti is kind of a big deal. Dario’s frame building career began in 1975 and he has spent almost 40 years refining and honing his craft. A pioneer of TIG welding, experimenting with this method as early as 1985, Dario’s approach to Bicycle construction has been a significant influence on the way in which modern bicycles are made. All the materials in his frames have been made to his specifications, from the tube sets, to a custom carbon fork and matching Chris King Headset. Dario has built frames for pro riders, including Miguel Indurain, Marco Pantani, Stephen Roche, Claudio Chiappucci, Mario Cipollini, and Andrea Tafi. He began making frames under his own name in 1998, the models he offers today are a culmination of the experience and knowledge gained throughout his lengthy career, these frames are truly among the finest you will find on the market. There are 8 models in the Pegoretti Cicli range, each with a different ride and characteristic, Dario’s upcoming visit to B1866 is a great opportunity to meet him in person and discuss all the finer points and finish options. You can also get measured up in-store and talk bike fit one to one, of course there are many bike fitters around, but as Dario says ‘it’s more about experience than numbers’. Perhaps don’t ask for a sloping top tube though. Dario and his team. Before his trip over to London, we made a visit of our own to his new workshop, now based in Roncegno, Trentino in the north of Italy. We received a warm welcome, talked through all the various processes and Dario even demonstrated brazing a Lugino (which took him less than the time it took to smoke his cigarette!) An interview will feature in this years edition of the Brooks Bugle, but for now take a look through our shots of his workspace. Jake, the workshop mascot. Dario in his natural state. Things get colourful in the paint shop. The finished article awaiting dispatch to eager customers Dario will be in-store Friday 31st January - Saturday 1st February, for your appointment please contact Steve Brill on +44 (0)20 7836 9968 or email: sb@brooksengland.com (Photos by Jim Holland)