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November 16, 2016 No comments

A Dashing Pashley Roadster

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By Bregan Koenigseker
A Dashing Pashley Roadster

Brooks is proud to announce the introduction of a new Special Edition Pashley Roadster to celebrate Brooks' 150th Anniversary and join the fleet of Dashing Bikes alumni. The Roadster, a traditional city bike, comes in a Granite Blue colour and is equipped with a special edition Brooks B33 leather saddle with copper plated undercarriage. It also features copper Brooks leather handlebar grips and other detailing to reflect the spirit of the project, copper being one of the most distinguishing and iconic aspects of the Brooks brand.

There will be a maximum of 150 of this model of bicycle produced. Each bicycle comes with special Brooks 150th Anniversary graphics and is available in 20”, 22” and 24” frame sizes. The bike will be at the B1866 store in London from 17th November and then at other participating retailers.

Pashley has a long association with Brooks, having initially been based 5 miles away from the factory in Birmingham. In recent history, Pashley ensured the continuation of Brooks’ production when its parent company (Sturmey Archer) was in difficulties in the late 1990s. Many of the bicycles in the Pashley range use Brooks saddles and have done so almost continuously since Pashley was founded in 1926. As with Brooks saddles, Pashley Cycles are hand-made in England. Both companies continue with the tradition of making fine products for discerning customers.