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May 26, 2011 1 comment

2011 Brompton World Championships

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2011 Brompton World Championships
  Those readers of a healthily competitive nature still thirsting for action after the final of our "2011 Brooks A to Z Brainathon" will be pleased to learn that we have a special announcement to make this morning. Official Registration for the 2011 Brompton World Championships is underway. The Championships are now entering their sixth year, and taking place again this August for the fourth time at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire. Brooks is once again enthusiastically on board. Brompton bikes are renowned for the comparitive ease with which they can be folded down, or speedily re-assembled for active service. When the title of Brompton World Champion is up for grabs, however, and you're sprinting in a business suit with 100 other adrenalin-pumped minds to your as yet unfolded bike, only the toughest can keep a sufficiently cool head to ensure the precious time advantage gained by a "prompt Brompt". The Collective Noun for Brompton riders? As always, the organisers insist on a fairly strict Code of Attire above the waist. Suit jacket with shirt and tie are de rigueur. What you do below the belt is your own business, just so long as it goes at least as far as the knee, and isn't skin-tight. The missing link between Tweed Riding and Messenger Racing? You can even wear system shoes, in fact many participants do so. But the neutral spectator of course far prefers to see a lady or gent with something a little more... correspondent on their feet, shall we say, to the setting and spirit of the event. On a more serious note, the sport of foldable bike racing sadly lost one of its true heroes this year. We must mourn the enforced retirement of a man who would never dream of strapping on a shiny, velcroed, cleated racing shoe ahead of something brown with a nice bit of broguing around the sides. One who lives by the motto "We'll get there when we get there, and we won't arrive sweating". And we're not talking about Roberto Heras. Brooks Head of Marketing Andrea Meneghelli will be ruefully looking on from the wrong side of the barriers come August, having had his Brompton (with a Swallow on top) cruelly snatched from outside the Tweed Run after-party in London earlier this spring. He's only smiling because he's winning. The BWC is a notoriously gruelling event. With a pre-Tournament favourite for the Best Dressed category now out of the running, it should prove a spur for the rest to double and re-double their efforts regarding matters sartorial in the saddle. Which can only be good for the sport. What's that old saying about clouds and linings?
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