The Barbican shoulder bag follows in the tradition of the original patent designs for bicycle bags registered by John Boultbee Brooks over 100 years ago, manufactured and updated for a contemporary twist on the messenger bag. Created in traditional treated canvas and leather, the Barbican maintains the principle of cycling convenience which influenced the original designs.

In 1910 John Boultbee Brooks filed two patents related to improvements in satchels, knapsacks and the like. Both patents guaranteed equal distribution of weight and more stability of the bag whilst cycling. With this in mind, in 2008, we developed our Barbican Shoulder Bag, the first of the new generation of Brooks Cycle Bags, featuring a shoulder belt which can be secured around the waist for added stability.

2008 Advertising

In 2008 we first run an advertisement focused on the Barbican Bag, emphasising the innovative shoulder strap.



The Barbican Leather is manufactured in England from the same vegetable tanned hardwearing leather used for Brooks Saddles.
This bag features the same innovative shoulder strap of the canvas style, which once adjusted to the height and waist of the cyclist, the belt can be kept loose to carry the bag over the shoulder.
For increased stability during the ride, the belt can be easily fastened around the waist by simply pulling the two ends of the belt and locking them at the centre in the ‘Sam Brown’ fashion.
On a daily basis I carry 'stuff' but I also like to look good when I do it. The more stuff you put in a Barbican they better they look, and the more you appreciate the micro adjustment available on the shoulder strap. The leather pads which comes into contact with your back remind me of a bespoke performance detail that you devise with your favourite tailor, occasionally others might get to see it but its there essentially to make your life that much more comfortable and... luxurious. Having a bag that performs as well as it looks is a win, win situation for me.

Gerald Francis from UK 6/9/2009
“I purchased one of these bags a couple of months ago. I live and work within Cambridge, and often find myself having to cycle across the city for meetings, and turning up with my scruffy panniers didn't necessarily look the part. What can I say, it is one of the finest pieces of craftsmanship I have ever purchased. It looks and feels terrific out of the box, and even within a couple of months it is beginning to 'break-in' which will only give it more character! It is also very easy to use and comfortable to cycle with. It isn't cheap, but it is fantastic and beautiful - buy one now!”

Jon Holgate from United Kingdom 11/29/2011

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