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25 April 2014 No comments

#WCR #CarboLoad #UpEarly #RideBikeLots

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#WCR #CarboLoad #UpEarly #RideBikeLots
Lee Fancourt continues the proud WCR tradition of pointing and smirking at naughty words. We're more than six weeks in to the World Cycle Race and its three remaining riders Breifne Earley, Prasad Erande and Lee Fancourt are in three very distinct racing positions. And we're not talking about stem length or saddle setback. Lee, who as we know was excluded late last month from the race's General Classification, is still clocking up huge mileage in his bid to reach London inside 90 days. On current form he'd be still set to do so. He has almost reached the eastern coast of Australia after a fortnight of putting down some very heavy daily distances. Even though this latest leg of the race has seen him joined again by his support team, Lee has still found himself at the mercy of the local Australian bike mechanics. Inquiring last week as to how long a particular repair might take, he got the classic "How long is a piece of string, mate?" in reply. It's probably not the answer you want to hear when you're in a hurry. So while making somewhat slower progress than Lee, Breifne is thus nominally our actual race leader. The WCR crew estimate that based on his mileage so far Breifne would be scheduled to make it back to the English capital some time before Christmas. Right now he's in India, having recently discovered the delights of Twitter hashtags and treehouses. Prasad Erande, who had set a fairly hot pace when he started his ride from Thailand in March, has unfortunately seen his odometer stuck on the same figure for weeks. He is still home in India waiting on travel visas, but assures us he has been out for regular training spins, so as to be ready to hit the ground running as soon as the final necessary document is stamped.