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20 January 2011 1 comment

Wallpaper* Thailand

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Wallpaper* Thailand

It's Day Two of one of the world's most well-thought-of fashion trade fairs, the winter installment of Bread and Butter, and Brooks has really put on a show of strength this time out, sending its finest minds and lithest bodies to Berlin in order that anybody within shouting distance of Tempelhof Airport should know about the new bags and clothing items in our portfolio for 2011.

Ask the representatives of any brand showing in Berlin this year what they might wish for in publicity terms over the course of their week here, and I hazard most of them would say "Well, the front cover of Wallpaper-Asterisk would be nice ha ha ha...!"

(The Thai edition of) Wallpaper* magazine has a bicycling theme for its January edition. To this end its editor was recently in touch with us, and wondered if it might be alright to send a photographer and some people without socks to our factory in Smethwick, in order that they might get a first hand feel for the various elements which unite in making Brooks saddles so special.

They brought some fine machines along, with some even finer leather on top of each one. Talk about coals to Newcastle!

Leafing through the magazine, we found that even though our mastery of the Thai language isn't quite what it once was, this didn't detract from our ability to spot a Brooks on what seemed like every second page.

Apart from the Smethwick article, there's also a piece about another cornerstone of British bike history, Pashley.

Francesco Bertelli, custom bike builder to the stars is also in it. Francesco likes our saddles, we like his bikes.

Fashion god Paul Smith is there too, slavering over a couple of his rides. One of them a green Mercian with one of ours on top.

From there, it's onwards into the realm of the questionable. Aurumania, self-styled producers of "the most expensive street bike in the world" get a page. Unconfirmed reports have reached us placing Ted in the vicinity of Checkpoint Charlie late last night travelling north with an Islington on his back and a Crystal Edition underneath him. Repeat, unconfirmed.

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