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16 December 2014 No comments

Vickers Bicycle Company - The Sundown Bike

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Vickers Bicycle Company - The Sundown Bike


[caption id="attachment_13619" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Savile Row meets Coventry"][/caption] Across England, are towns and regions which are well known for manufacturing certain types of products and only a short cycle ride from the Brooks Smethwick works for instance, is the famous Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. If you need a sharp fitting suit, then London’s Savile Row is the place to go and for those who attended L’Eroica Britannia last June; will know that Bakewell is remembered for its tarts. Stopping right there, before I get into trouble. I’ll take you back to Savile Row, and while trying not to get confused with tarts and tailor’s, I shall tell you more. Way back in 2012, the Vickers Bicycle Company was formed to take on the task of making the humble roadster bicycle a little more refined. A stylish commuter for the discerning gentlemen was the brief and the resulting Vickers roadster certainly ticks all the boxes for the man about town. So, what if you added a tailor into this mix? Richard James, a tailor of Savile Row is represented in many corners of the globe for their sharp suits and fine gentleman’s attire. It was back in June 2014, that Richard James and Vickers Bicycle Co combined bespoke thoughts to construct the ‘Sundown Town Bike’. It was a collaboration to not only mark the arrival to British shores of 'Le Tour De France', but to compliment the launch of Richard James’ sundown collection, in particular a certain ice blue ‘cool wool’ two piece suit. [caption id="attachment_13622" align="aligncenter" width="478" caption="Cool blue meets maillot jaune."][/caption] To create a bike that really evoked the spirit of the suit, Vickers digitally sampled the colour of the suit to create a custom paint mix that matched its cool pastel tones. To mark the Tour’s arrival in Britain, a bold stripe of yellow up the inside of the front forks and the back of the seat tube was also added, together with a yellow ribbon customised a pair of Brook’s plump grips. The bike is hand made in Coventry using Reynolds 853 tubing for the frame with a set of brushed-finish stainless steel lugs, which are all hand polished. The finer details of the suit being represented in the subtle use of blue, turquoise, red & gold spoke nipples on both wheels. The high-end finishing kit includes components from Nitto, Sugino, Paul Comp, as well as a Brooks C17 Cambium saddle; the latter sewing the threads of the whole project nicely together with its canvas top. [caption id="attachment_13625" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Vickers Sundown meets B1866,"][/caption]

A Sundown Town bike is currently on display in our London B1866 shop in Seven Dials. It is sitting pride of place in the shop and it just so happens; it complements the new additions to the Brooks range of bags now in store too.