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1 June 2012 1 comment

The WCR Grand Tour May Shortly Have A Winner...

The WCR Grand Tour May Shortly Have A Winner...
As another week for us mere Mortals draws to a close, we have news from the WCR Grand Tour, some of which may be of interest for anybody near London who has been following our riders since they began their race around the World earlier this spring. Paul Ashley Unett and Stuart Lansdale have knocked their record tilts on the head over the past few days, leaving just Mike, Richard, Simon, Sean and Kristina still on the road. That's five riders left from a total of twelve starters. And it's looking like fairly soon we'll only have four. Because if you're reading this on Monday the 4th of June 2012, the chances are that Mike Hall is approaching, or has approached, the general vicinity of Greenwich Park, London a mere 107 days or so after having rolled over the start line. And if you're reading earlier, we give you the chance to become part of a very special Welcoming Committee. With transit breaks taken into account, Mike reckons his 18000 miles will have been cycled in around 93 days, signifying a daily average distance travelled of well over 190 miles. For various reasons, no other rider in the Tour has approached this sort of consistency, and on the surface it would look like the Guinness Book of Records will need updating. Mike posted a short note to his Facebook page before the weekend. Having landed in Lisbon, he outlined his intention to crank out some of his remaining miles through France and then hop a ferry at Cherbourg for Poole. If he has indeed managed it by Monday 4th of June, he'll be making it back to the finish to celebrate his birthday. As Fine Adornments to This Sporting Life go (© Declan Lynch), it would be difficult to overstate Mike's accomplishment. His background in Endurance Cycling marked him from the start as a leading candidate for the Tour's top spot. But that he would appear also on course to take Alan Bate's recently ratified record makes the feat all the more impressive, given that the previous best time had been achieved as a partly supported ride. Guinness Records currently make no differentiation between solo and supported attempts. Any cycling fans near London who wish to welcome him back personally can follow his progress on the WCR Live Tracker...  
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