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5 December 2012 1 comment

The Pick Of 2013's Bike Calendars

Bicycles Art & Design Monthly highlights
The Pick Of 2013's Bike Calendars
This year's Guinea Pig Games calendar features action from the velodrome. If you still have a calendar from 2002 knocking around at home, you'll probably already have noticed that its days and dates match up exactly with those of the coming year. Which of course means you won't need to waste money on a new calendar for 2013. For everybody else, there's nothing for it but to dig deep and splash out. On the upside, if you hang on to it until 2019 you'll be able to get another year's use out of it. And if it's an especially nice calendar, you can roll it out again in 2030. But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. The gentlemen of the Minneapolis Bike Messenger Association have released a calendar to raise money for the imminent return of the NACCC to their place of work. Described by critics as "questionable", "buttocky" and "oversexed", it provides 13 glossy colour photographs of burly young males in their prime. Whether draped "drunk" across car bonnets, being attacked by dogs, or in tastefully introspective poses, the models have all been shot in their underwear and little else. Though commendably, most of the brakeless fixed riders are wearing helmets. Alternatively, if Land-Of-The-Giants-scale prop photography is your thing, you could do worse than peruse the Cycle Passion 2013 calendar. Elite women cyclists from Track, Mountain and Triathlon can be seen variously peeking out from a full face helmet the size of a small house, lounging in a hammock sized tyre, or assuming seductive positions astride all sorts of magically colossal pieces of cycling componentry. Cycle Passion has been producing cycling calendars for a few years, and in 2012 they went on location in France to photograph Liz Hatch and Veronica Andreasson using Le Tour as their backdrop. If you're the sort of purist who doesn't like attractive examples of the human form getting in the way of his or her appreciation of a sexy bike, then look no further for your day-of-the-week-establishing needs than the Cycle EXIF calendar. Miss October. A Kalavinka Keirin Frame captured for the EXIF 2013 calendar. Lovingly captured are twelve fine specimens of the two wheeled and human powered variety. Sleek track frames lurk just overleaf from chunkier trail machines, while garish paint jobs are switched out from one month to the next by understatedly elegant landscape compositions. Adam Coppola's winning entry for the ACA photo contest is the calendar's opening image. Anybody who followed our riders in the WCR Grand Tour will surely have felt privileged to share some of the sights they witnessed and recorded for us while racing around the world. The Adventure Cycling Association is an organization of broadly kindred spirits, and its members share scenes which they capture while touring the four corners of the earth by bike. They ran a photo contest last year and some of the best entries have made it into a 2013 calendar.
Shame you forgot to put the JERED GRUBER one up here - loads of beautiful images from pro cycling & riding around the world - http://www.wiggle.co.uk/gruber-images-cycling-calendar-2013/
Daniel Loots 23 May 2016 at 16:34