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6 October 2011 No comments

The New Rivendell Website.

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The New Rivendell Website.
"Golden Tree" by Martin Brooks from Ninian Doff on Vimeo. Grant Petersen, purveyor and fabricator extraordinaire of Rivendell lugged steel frames and sundry high quality bicycling-related stuff, has in the past weeks overseen some changes to his company's website. Its earlier incarnation was throughout a repository of good-humoured common sense; a place to visit if you were seeking expert advice on matters bicycular, or irrespective of subject merely hopeful of reading meaningful, well-written sentences. This made it exceptional, certainly, and perhaps close to unique among all commercial entities deriving from the central notion of two human-powered wheels. In these respects, mercifully, nothing has changed. Learn, Shop, Blug, repeat. The work they have done has resulted in a more easily navigable site. Which means it's now easier than ever for new victims to be trapped in the Rivendell web of Human Decency, Compelling Plain English and, ahem, Wooly Mammoth Posters. Aside from their own products, Rivendell also sell a fairly diverse though limited range of other items through the site. Most of said items' product descriptions bespeak a wealth of personal experience. So for devotees of English Leather Saddles, it is thus perhaps gratifying to see the B17 and the B67 available there. A Rivendell Quickbeam with... Click the picture for more. Aside from an online shop, the site houses Rivendell's blog (the "Blug") as well as an archive of information and technical advice pertaining to the Bicycle, its Composite Parts and how to Ride It. Spiritual Guidance is also floating about in there, but doesn't have its own heading. There's a book in the pipeline, too, we gather. Send a quote and you might make the back cover! Our fairly bursting back catalogue of Reviews will doubtless get a few bytes heavier. Until then, readers are advised to make do with the Rivendell Reader, or try their best not to order this watch, for example. And if words on a page aren't enough for you, audio-visual aid of all sorts is also at hand on the Rivendell youtube channel. Grant Petersen induces a job applicant to negotiate one final stumbling block.