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8 May 2013 No comments

The Morgan Two Bicycle.

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The Morgan Two Bicycle.
Street geometry allied to off-road sturdiness makes at least two bikes of the Morgan Two. The Morgan Motor Company is the last of the old band of independent British car makers still in existence. Famous in the earlier part of the 20th century for their distinctive three-wheelers, Morgan are still based in Malvern in the West Midlands, just down the road from our Smethwick works. In recent years they have been beneficiaries of the resurgence in popularity of smaller, fuel efficient, lightweight runabouts and currently can't build their Morgan 3 fast enough to meet demand. The name is also loved enough by armchair fans for the company to run an entire line of merchandise on the side. But happily, Charles Morgan managed to make the time recently to sit with Nick Trotman of the excellent Malvern Cycles C.I.C. to discuss possibilities for the commemoration of last year's British cycling successes at the Olympic Games. The Morgan Two is the result of these discussions. It pulls together some of the best names in British bicycle engineering and design and puts it all up on top of a pair of slick German tyres. Gratifyingly yet unsurprisingly, the Morgan Two features our saddles and grips at the all important points of contact, while Sturmey Archer hubs shoulder the Roundness Burden. The crankset that puts it all in motion is Sturmey Archer too. And Foffa of London have overseen the frame welding. For Morgan's part, they have endeavoured to "bring the noise", as it were. The clacking purr of a classic motor has been recreated to a degree by an intentional ticking effect when you pedal in the higher gear of the two speed rear hub. Production of this special Limited Edition was capped at 50, and there are about a dozen Morgan Twos still available to buy. We're still doing our special deal on a bar tape, toolbag and B17 combo in the online shop.