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17 January 2011 2 comments

The Brooks Soho Shoulder Bag

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The Brooks Soho Shoulder Bag
Later this week, Bread and Butter, the trade fair for all things sartorial will once again be convening its winter show in Berlin. Consequently, as these words are being written an ever-steadier trickle is mutating into a veritable bank-bursting flood of handsome, thoughtful, well-dressed people of both sexes flowing into the German capital to take up all premium bed spaces available until after the coming weekend. This winter show will be the third time Brooks has been a partner at Bread and Butter, and we might already be looking excitedly forward to our fourth, were we not so preoccupied with making our coming week the roaring success that we hope and expect it will be. This time out we're officially unveiling, as regular visitors to the Brooks Blog will be aware, a selection of new items which we believe will immeasurably improve the overall experience of the smart, style-conscious, contemporary cyclist, both on and off the bike.
One of our new bags, the Soho, is a case in point.
Markedly smaller, and arguably a touch dressier than the Hampstead or the Islington, the Soho has been made in England using the grade of leather we typically reserve for our saddles, so it's surely a bag to grow old with. Of all of the new Brooks/John Boultbee products we are introducing in Berlin, it is perhaps the one which functions most completely as a stand-alone piece; which is to say, it is perhaps the one with least need of the accompanying context of bicycle to make sense. Although, people who have already tried on the Criterion might disagree. A short hop across town on two wheels with your laptop stowed in the Soho, yes. A starter's number in Vin Cox's Global Bike Race in 2012 without support team or panniers, maybe not. But then again, the Soho isn't designed to be all things to all men (or women), it's simply a sturdily built, and eye-catching yet tasteful runabout which we feel beautifully complements the rest of our portfolio (no pun intended) of polite replies to the question of moving your stuff stylishly around.
How to buy Brooks Soho Shoulder Bag ?
Kai 23 May 2016 at 15:28
check our online shop, the bag will be available shortly
BREGAN 23 May 2016 at 15:28