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15 February 2011 No comments

The Brixton Satchel

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The Brixton Satchel
If one were to interpret each Haiku entry we received over the last day or so as a Valentine's Day declaration of affection for our fine saddles, it would be hard not to feel flattered, extremely well loved and, well, let's just say very warm inside . If it was possible, Andrea's, Bregan's and Ted's working hours over the coming weeks would see them doing little else but writing individual replies (each of seventeen well chosen syllables) to every missive received. In the next days, at least, we'll be placing one or two submissions under a friendly spotlight, and maybe reiterating the general criteria for a successful haiku. We cannot, however, indefinitely allow emotion or poetry to obstruct us from the duty of informing our readers of recent developments in matters bag-ular. Brooks unveiled a new line of holdalls and rucksacks earlier this year at the Bread and Butter show in Berlin. We have taken a closer look at most of them on the blog already. But one has mysteriously escaped our attention until now.
Behold the Brixton Satchel! It can be worn tight across the shoulders or looser around waist height, like the Barbican, but should the need arise can also extend out to become a tote bag, thus providing extra carrying space.
The tote elements roll down inside the satchel when not in use. Conversely, the satchel flap can be sheathed in a side pouch when the Brixton is functioning as a tote. It is a fine addition to the Brooks bicycling portfolio, and available to buy from our online shop.