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25 February 2014 No comments

The 2014 World Cycle Race! Launching Friday At B1866.

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The 2014 World Cycle Race! Launching Friday At B1866.
The 2012 Brooks Select World Traveller celebrated our involvement with the inaugural WCR. We have some exciting news for anybody with even a mild interest in looking at people who are just about to ride 18000 miles around the world as quickly as possible. The public pre-launch of the 2014 World Cycle Race takes place from 3 o'clock this coming Friday afternoon at the Brooks flagship store, B1866, in Earlham Street, London. The race itself gets underway on Saturday. We're happy to be on board with the Adventurists in once again making this fine challenge a reality. The WCR will already be familiar to those who followed the progress of racers in its first edition two years ago, when only three of the initial eleven starters made it back to London under their own steam. Niel Coventry Brown frequently made time to blog and upload snaps while racing the WCR in 2012. It's a notoriously tall order for even the toughest of wills and lithest of limbs. Potential winners need to reckon with sticking out three months or so of daily double centuries through all sorts of weather and terrains, with only the vaguest advance notion of nightly sleeping and feeding arrangements. 2012's winner in the Men's category Mike Hall was up to the task, though. He'll be on hand at B1866 on Friday to answer all your questions about Kit, Calories and the Kindness Of Strangers. Also in the shop on Friday will be the five intrepid souls who have signed up for this year's instalment of cycling savagery at its most unremitting. Some of the competitors from 2012's WCR at the start line in Greenwich. As we said, the race itself starts from Greenwich Park at 12 noon this Saturday 1st of March, but we thought it would be nice to give the riders a bit of a send-off. So anybody who fancies it is welcome to join us a few hours before that at Marble Arch. We set off from there at 10 a.m. on an escorted warm-up spin across the capital with WCR participants Breifne, Prasad, Lee, Fran and Jason. After we hit Greenwich, they're on their own...