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10 March 2014 1 comment

The 2014 WCR Progress Report Number One

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The 2014 WCR Progress Report Number One
Breifne's mascot Boxty, of late taken off navigation duties and assigned a more mascotty kind of role. The team at Brooks is overjoyed to be able once again to bring you news from this year's instalment of the World Cycle Race. Much water has flowed under the metaphorical bridge since the literal waving of the starter's flag in Greenwich last week. Now read on. For its participants, the WCR famously mutates from a mere bike race into a journey of self discovery. And since setting off earlier this month, our riders have already found themselves looking inward and asking hard questions. Of course it's way too early in proceedings for an epidemic of Existentialism to break out, thus so far the questions have been of a relatively prosaic variety, such as - Q. "Why am I riding across a lumpy field?" A. "Because of your blind obedience to Garmin." Q. "Why did I get 7 punctures today?" A. "Because there's a bit of glass stuck in your tyre. Either that or your rim tape is split somewhere." Q. "Why don't my shoes fit me anymore?" A. "Because your Achilles tendons are grotesquely swollen from all this riding around the world." Thus it was that Breifne found himself making life difficult for himself in Luxemburg last Tuesday, his birthday. He's since then resolved to pay more attention to the evidence of his own two eyes in the future He is also, we gather, giving serious thought to sending his support team on an extended holiday. Not because they told him to ride through a field or anything, but more on account of the general messiness of riding with a car in tow through urban environments. Dame Airtight can be a notoriously fickle mistress as Lee Fancourt learned, clocking up far too many punctures as he barrelled through France early on. But whatever was causing the constant disruption to his momentum has apparently been removed from the equation, and he's been putting down solid miles without any roars of anguish since Thursday. Fran Hollender is soaking up home comforts for a day or two while her ankles settle down. Fran has been in the wars. Plagued by severe ankle discomfort since Day Three, she found herself passing near home on Saturday and took the decision to rest up there until the causes of her injury are established and addressed. On the upside, she was able to host Breifne, who as it happens is taking a similar route to Fran on his European leg. He made it to Munich yesterday. Prasad Erande, as we all know, started from Bangkok and the WCR Race Crew have expertly sorted out his router glitch, which had until recently absented him from the tracking map. He's visible now, though. And Prasad assures us all that while "dark" he was hammering away like a good thing the whole time, taking only three short daily naps of twenty minutes each, and otherwise in the saddle doing a steady 50km/h pace up hill and down dale. It would certainly explain why he's already hit Elaru, in his native India, 5000 miles from the Thai capital.
"Prasad Erande... in the saddle doing a steady 50km/h pace up hill and down dale"

So riding faster than the Tour de France peloton then?
Richard Evans (@laid_back_rich) 23 May 2016 at 16:56