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1 August 2013 No comments

The 2013 Cycle Messenger World Championships.

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The 2013 Cycle Messenger World Championships.
Spoke On The Water? The tyre in the sky? Bear with us... Regular readers will already have gathered from our recent bulletins on the subject that Lausanne, Switzerland is host of this year's CMWC. Like Montreux, Lausanne happens to be located on the "Lake Geneva Shoreline". Couriers from all over the world have been assembling there with their "mobiles" (Messenger slang for bicycle. Just trust us on this.) since early in the week, some of them doubtless with the intention "to make records". In the Long Skid contest, for example? There's even a "Funky Claude... running in and out" in the shape of our good friend the Yakman, Claude Marthaler, who oversaw a screening of his latest film "Bike For Bread" on Wednesday. There are possibly further parallels to draw between this fine event and a famous Deep Purple song, especially when we consider that the Lausanne organizers crew is partly comprised of various past and current European and World Champions. Early arrivals to CMWC at Lausanne have been touring the surrounds. With so much individual talent in one band, creative tensions are sometimes an obstacle to the end goal, but their last collaborative effort, 2007's SUICMC, was by universal consent a tour de force, a Ten, five stars... so this weekend's action should be their metaphorical Machine Head. And you can watch it live. They plan to stream the Main Race Final on Sunday. Brooks is a proud sponsor of the CMWC at Lausanne, and we've joined up with PEdALED to mark the event...