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11 March 2013 2 comments

Brooks At The 2013 Berliner Bicycle Show.

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Brooks At The 2013 Berliner Bicycle Show.

Berlin's annual Berliner Fahrradschau returned to the halls of Kreuzberg's Station venue at the weekend. Harsh, snowy conditions prevailing in the German capital proved no obstacle to thousands of cycling enthusiasts who showed up to drool over a near-infinity of fine bicycles and sundry bicycling accessories, each one of them snowflake-like in their uniqueness.

This one was there, fresh from hosting its own personal Drool-athon at the NAHBS last month.

And of course, so were we.

The Schau expanded to three halls' worth of exhibitors in 2013, around 200 in total. This is a big jump from its first run in 2010, but the overall flavour remains as open-minded and decidedly independent as ever.

Several local frame builders and shops rubbed shoulders with national and international names.

Hand builders Højmark and vintage specialists Cicli Berlinetta had taken stands this year, for example, while Brooks had its best people on site passing out hard copies of the 2013 Brooks Bugle, as well as letting gossip-hungry visitors in on a couple of soon-to-be-revealed secrets...

The city's local cargo bike advocacy group was also out in force, and devotees of the Locked Cog descended from all over Europe to participate in the Fixed Days, a series of racing events testing the speed and skill of fixed wheel riders.

Last year's popular Minidrome was back, and stiff-necked parents were able to send their progeny to learn slaloming skills on a specially designed kiddies bike track, while availing themselves of the adjacently located massage service. Something for just about everybody, so. We'll be back with some of our personal highlights from Berlin later in the week.

Brian Højmark Larsen was framebulider for this artwork by Saâdane Afif & Jofroi Amaral.

The Thonet bike is actually an art project by Saâdane Afif & Jofroi Amaral.
Esprit Nouveau n°9, 2012
I just did the frame for them!
Brian Højmark Larsen 23 May 2016 at 16:35

Can you add to the Thonet bicycle's credits "Artwork by Saâdane Afif & Jofroi Amaral"?

Thank you for this post

Moulinette bicycles team
Moulinette team 23 May 2016 at 16:35