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7 July 2015 No comments

Stefania Baldi Interview

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By Oliver
Stefania Baldi Interview

This weekend sees the Red Hook Criterium arrive in London for the first time.  The women's event will see the Brooks sponsored Dësgenà Team, from Turin, competing.  So we decided to catch up with Stefania Baldi from the team to find out what makes her tick. 

As a starter please give us a quick run down on who you are and the cycling you do. My name is Stefania Baldi, I'm 40 and I work as freelance graphic designer. I started cycling pretty late in my life, coming from 10 years of athletics. I started as an amateur, and then I went pro for a couple of years. During my cycling career, I have even been the Team Manager of an Elite women team, but I only found my own path with the fixed gear bike. How did you initially get into cycling? Some years ago I decided to quit sport at a competitive level. At that time I was 33 years old, all of them spent under competition. One day, however, I stumbled upon my brother's road bike and rode it for 10 miles, and I immediately fell in love with two wheels. What is it that drives you to compete on the bicycle? I stopped asking myself this question some time ago, because I don't have an exact answer. In the end, I finally accept my naturally competitive nature. I love to race, I love to challenge myself, studying my rivals and the race track and planning my race strategies. It's a matter of training for sure, but also of mentality, and it's very stimulating. What is your favourite race? My favourite races are fixed gear criteriums, especially now women's participation is increasing.

How would you describe your season so far, to us it looks pretty successful? I would say that my season has been pretty good so far. It has been an escalation of training and competitions, in order to put together a solid end of season. Have you been to London before or will RHC be your first visit? I've already been to London some other times. To me, it's an amazing town. What are you looking forward to about RHC in London? The RHC in London will for me be the perfect chance for revenge, after the New York RHC where, due to my mistakes, I was cut out the leading group and as a result the “real” race, and I really missed it. Therefore, I can't wait to be in London to test myself against my rivals and make the race I want. I really want to get a good result for me and my team, racing as hard as I can.

How do you rate your chances of winning in London? I'll give my best, as I feel ready for the race. My target is to step on the podium. Of course we couldn’t interview you with out asking for some comments about the Cambium C15.  How do you rate it in terms of comfort and performance?  Has it helped you win races? I mounted the Cambium C15 on my bike just two days before the RHC in Milan, the last October. I was afraid of changing the saddle so close to the most important event of the season, but I was wrong. Since the very first test, I found it comfortable and ideal for my racing layout. It's perfect and I don't have any intention to swap it!

Other than the Cambium what else do you consider essential for you bicycle? My bike, the prototype of the Dësgenà D04, matches perfectly with my style of riding and my way of racing. I really can't be happier: it has been designed for my geometries and from the first ride it has never disappointed me. When I ride my bike, the world itself changes. The fixed gear is the archetype of the cycling asceticism: frame, saddle, chain, handlebar and your ideal gear ratio. Nothing more.

Good luck on Saturday! We really hope to see you up there on the podium. See you track side, we'll be cheering for you!

Postscript: Following the interview Stefania took part in the Colnago Crit 2015 over in Italy - seems her preparations are going well as she rode to victory.  Enjoy some images from the race below: