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8 August 2016 No comments

Ludwig VIII, a rather Dashing Bike

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Ludwig VIII, a rather Dashing Bike

In its typically stylish and understated way, Schindelhauer Bikes is interpreting on a combination of copper and matt black for the latest contribution to the 150th Anniversary Brooks Dashing Bikes series.

The colours are as timeless as they are well suited to each other, and the same can be said of Schindelhauer Bikes and Brooks England. The latter is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year by making copper the theme of twelve specially-designed bikes, created in partnership with twelve hand-picked bike manufacturers, the former on its way to many anniversaries, committed to timeless, beautiful, and interesting design.

Copper has always played an important role at Brooks, which is why every saddle in this collection includes the prestigious copper rivets that are so inextricably linked with the brand. Each month, one of the twelve elite bike builders will release its Brooks Dashing Bikes Edition, and Schindelhauer Bikes takes centre stage in August.

The premium Berlin brand has created a version of its popular Ludwig VIII model, featuring an 8-speed Alfine hub. The all-black frame is sparingly accented with copper elements and a comfortable Cambium C15

Discreet but effective, the Brooks slender grips with copper rings and drop-outs shine with their unique Edition number. Featuring the anniversary emblem on the seat post, this black collector’s edition comes equipped with the Gates Carbon Drive® system and will be available in mid-August in a limited edition of 100 pieces.