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14 May 2014 No comments

Readers Rides from Brooks Stories - No.4 - ‘Tired of walking’

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Readers Rides from Brooks Stories - No.4 - ‘Tired of walking’

Tommy Thien, a Physics student at The University of Texas, got tired of walking the 30 minutes to class every day, so got himself a bicycle. As time progressed, he gained a greater appreciation for the simple piece of machinery that is the bicycle and naturally wanted to fit a Brooks Saddle.

By the end of his senior year, he pretty much abandoned the need to travel by any other form of transport and rode his bike to fetch groceries, meet with friends and exercised well in the process. Today, he currently rides a Specialized Globe Roll fitted with a Brooks B17 Narrow saddle and matching Brooks Slender Grips. Tommy say’s; “I love it to death. Ride on”

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