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13 November 2013 1 comment

Pilgrims & Ashes - Julian Wong

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Pilgrims & Ashes - Julian Wong
Earlier this year we drew your attention to a young man by the name of Julian Wong. Following the death and subsequent cremation of his father, Julian hit upon the fine idea of returning "Baba" to his place of birth in southern China. So in the summer, he duly packed the ashes, swung a leg over his B17 and set off. As a resident of California, Julian initially crossed the southern U.S. states, and upon reaching the east coast, flew from Florida to Norway. Since arriving there he has made his way stealthily through Scandinavia and onwards into Eastern Europe. As someone with an interest in Buddhism and an enthusiastic Yoga practitioner, Julian has been dropping into various monasteries and places of worship on his tour. He has also managed to stumble upon the occasional, ahem, private still. The Kindness Of Strangers has always been a recurring theme for us whenever we take a closer look at anybody on a long distance ride, and we're glad to see that Julian's experiences have eloquently exemplified the ever-readiness of random people to help other random lost- or ill-looking people on bikes, whether it be with directions, lunch, a bed, shots of hooch, or free welding. Yes, it seems Julian's frame has been in the wars, but he had a nasty crack provisionally taken care of in Serbia last week. This isn't the first time on the trip that a welder has been required for his bike, and Julian is pessimistic about the chances of him, his father, and the bike all making it to China in one piece. Other "rolling repairs" have involved the slicing and drainage of a nasty staph infection by a Latvian psychiatrist claiming to have "studied medicine" followed by some distinctly Rambo-style stitching, and munching tablets for a lot of tummy upsets that you probably don't need to read about. He has also defended his muesli from a lynx. On a brighter note, so far the saddle and bar tape have been bearing up fine. The need for calories on such a journey is self evident, so it's probably more than coincidence that landscapes and architecture lag photographically far behind food on Julian's blog. Wherever he rides, there miraculously tends be something whipped and sugared or battered and fried nearby. Or at the very least, triple distilled... We have a taste on Facebook, but feel free to browse Julian's own page at your leisure. Romania. If you look hard enough you can almost make out a sort of a face.
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