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16 July 2012 1 comment

Our Select Flyer takes the Acid Test.

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Our Select Flyer takes the Acid Test.
The only rule of Long Distance Touring is - there are no rules. We have alluded on these pages before to a certain line of our saddles - the Select Range. Developed and designed specifically for those cyclists in the habit of putting down upwards of a hundred and fifty miles per day over the course of a long distance tour, Select saddles are made with a grade of organic leather that, when broken in, provides unmatched comfort to anybody spending ten or twelve hours in the saddle, day after day... after day. This fact sprung to mind when we first met Claudia Nägelli and her partner Alexandre last year. Over the course of a lifelong career on their bikes, Claudia and Alexandre have put down thousands upon thousands of touring miles around the world in all sorts of landscapes and weather conditions, and usually with a Brooks Flyer bolted to each of  their seat posts. And residing as they do in Luzern, Switzerland, they are obviously blessed with fine cycling roads, trails and vistas right on their doorstep.   We should get them in touch with the WCR's Niels Coventry Brown. This happy state of affairs might cause many tourers to seldom stray far from home, but Alexandre and Claudia remain as hungry as ever for new sites, new textures, new friendships. A browse around their site bears this out. They have photo journals and trip reports of their experiences from the Americas to Far East Asia and everywhere in between. A rare shot of the saddles Claudia and Alex had on their Ecuador trip, taken before the release of our new travel panniers By the same token they currently find themselves on a trek through the "-Stans" of the former Soviet Union. When we first got wind of these latest travel plans, we dispatched a pair of our Select Flyers to Claudia and Alexander in Switzerland, and asked them to tell us how they got on with them. On their homepage, as well as sharing reports from the road, they file painstakingly thorough test reports on each and every element of their machines and kit. Our Brooks Flyer has not been exempt from this and we are delighted to report that both Alex and Claudia are reportedly delighted. Allow us to translate loosely from the German... Long Haulers, Tour Riders and Globetrotters are cyclists who require  all-out cycling comfort. Brooks! On our last trip we chose the "Flyer", this time we have taken the new "Select". The robustness, quality and workmanship of Brooks saddles are key factors contributing to the success of our trips. During the course of 15,000 km bicycle ride across Asia a saddle has much to stand up to. Extreme climatic conditions, transport, sweat and strain can test the material to its limits. The upper leather, rivets and the base of the springs have to be processed perfectly. During the first 500 km running - we have generously and regularly Proofided the leather, top and bottom. These repeated steps are critical to the durability and comfort of a Brooks saddles. Once broken in, there is the "sofa-feeling" and the passenger will not want to give up his seat! We recommend that the saddle is not unnecessarily exposed to the rain, and if so, then preferably with the included saddle cover. From our experience, we can only recommend this product! For us there is no saddle better than a Brooks. We hope to have them writing a review of our new waterproof panniers very soon!
Never taking anything at face value and now having read about Claudia and Alex's Asian trip with the Flyer, I have decided to attach my Brooks Conquest (look it up) to my trusty Mercian and ride from Hanoi to Singapore next month.

Why you ask.?

I can't really think of a good reason. I suppose its good to get out now and again?
Niel Coventry-Brown 23 May 2016 at 16:32