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6 October 2016 No comments

My ten favourite inspirational cyclists to follow

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By Juliet Elliott
My ten favourite inspirational cyclists to follow

Whether you like it or not, social media is a huge part of our modern lives and whilst we haven’t yet evolved into a giant pair of thumbs and occasionally (ok, frequently!) it might be nice to step away from the phone and out into the real world, sometimes it’s enjoyable to scroll through various feeds for a little inspiration, motivation or a few tips.

As female riders are so underrepresented in mainstream and cycling specific media, I see social media as a really important tool for professional cyclists to connect with their fans and to grow their careers by showing brands how important they are and that they’re worth investment.

Instagram in particular is a fantastic way of connecting with teenage girls for instance, many of which may not otherwise come across images of strong, inspiring athletes. These teenagers might feel like the ‘odd one out’ for cycling so really need sporting heroines to inspire them. Additionally, they need to see these women are every bit as human as they are.

And it’s the same for us adults – as women cyclists we’re often in the minority so social media can help us feel connected with others and more like we’re a part of something, rather than just standing on the sidelines peeking in. I interact with numerous female cyclists who I’ve never yet met but there’s a feeling of togetherness amongst many of us and I know that I will always have someone to ride with in any city that I visit.

I follow plenty of women who inspire me in different ways, in fact narrowing them down for this list was tough – there are just so many amazing women out there!! Some of them are professionals whose names deserve to be household names, others I simply admire from afar and are by no means famous – I just think they’re damn cool. Some women’s accounts motivate me to go training when I’m feeling lazy and others have the best style and most lust worthy bikes and kit. All of them live for cycling and push themselves hard, whatever level they may be at.

This is by no means a comprehensive list so forgive me if I forgot one of your favourites. And naturally, I had to select people with very active Instagram accounts that include plenty of cycling so there are some brilliant women who didn't make the cut as they're just not bothered about that kind of thing. But if you’re looking for a little inspiration, here are some of the coolest women in cycling and my personal top ten female riders to follow on Instagram.

Tiffany Cromwell

26 Sep 2016 05:44:22

The Canyon/SRAM Racing pro hails from sunny Australia and is one cool cookie. Her photographs detail her life on the pro race circuit, travels to countries far and wide as well as her rather delicious looking home cooked meals and bakes.


Chelsea Weidinger

This San Franciscan races Cyclocross for the legendary MASH SF, is cool as a cucumber and trains really hard.


Casey Brown

This Canadian kicks ass on a mountain bike, throwing huge whips over enormous jumps, shredding through the woods of BC and generally living an enviable life as a professional mountain biker.


Joey Gough

I’m always amazed that Joey Gough isn’t better known, but I guess it’s because she prefers to just ride her bike than court publicity. Previously a BMX racer, Joey recently turned her hand to mountain biking and can now be seen charging over the most enormous road gaps you’ve ever seen.


Pretty Damned Fast

The ladies behind cycling website Pretty Damn Fast celebrate women’s cycling in all it’s forms, particularly 'when it’s done with style,’ so it’s always fun seeing they’ve been up to.


Kate Courtney

This American under 23 National Cross Country Champion races for Specialized and has a balanced perspective on life.


Volt Women

Ok, so it’s not strictly (or at all) cycling, but this account has buckets of good vibes and had introduced me to some inspirational characters through its Instagram ‘takeovers.’


Pauline Ferrand Prevot

This three-time World Champion races road, Cyclocross and mountain bikes and kills it in all disciplines.


Tannée Seagrave

My Fox team mate Tahnée Seagrave is an absolute smasher on a bike with an infectious enthusiasm evident in all her Instagram photos.


Marianne Vos

Ok, so it's a bit of an obvious one, but what's not to like about Marianne Vos, she's one of the greatest cyclists to ever live? I've always admired her as rider and after meeting her at the Stronger launch I like her even more.