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5 April 2012 1 comment

More B(r)ooks. Grant Petersen's "Just Ride".

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More B(r)ooks.  Grant Petersen's "Just Ride".
The new book cropped from www.pushingthepedals.com For nearly 20 years, American indie Rivendell has not only produced some of the finest lugged steel frames in the world, its chef d'équipe has also published some of the most consistently readable bike-related prose in the English language. Since 1994, Grant Petersen's Rivendell Reader has proved to be an inexhaustible mine of information, opinion and rhapsody on the general theme of two human powered wheels and their tangents. And while The Reader hasn't quite been replaced by the Rivendell "Blug" (their blog), the online format perhaps offers a flexibility and spontaneity not normally associated with print on paper. Which is kind of good, in a way, but sometimes there's just no substitute for words on a page. So now Grant Petersen has written a book. Strange words like "typical" and "enthusiast" can be found in the glossary section of Grant's new book Titled "Just Ride" and scheduled for release later this month, it will, with luck, bring the sadly unpatentable Petersen brand of Immutable Truth to a wider audience. Contained between its covers are 89 mini essays. He modestly anticipates that some people will ultimately agree with much of what he has to say. As we said already, The Reader nowadays appears less frequently in printed form than it used to, but most of the old ones can be perused online in pdf form, and always stand up to a third or fourth read. Hard Copies of a few are still available, and you can also order a whole batch as CdRom. As well as this, and as already mentioned, in place of the Reader, the recently revamped Rivendell "Blug" regularly serves up doses of tranquilizing, thrilling, fearless Common Sense for anybody interested in an antidote to Tripe. Of course, as if that weren't enough, the durability and thoughtful excellence of their frames approaches Article of Faith status among the world's cycling community. There's more. The Rivendell online shop's inventory has nothing that regular users of any sort of bike won't get years of use and pleasure out of. This means you could literally close your eyes and click on things to buy without fear of disappointment when they arrive in the post. Though of course, with your eyes closed you wouldn't be able to read the ever engaging product descriptions. Just Ride can already be ordered pre-release here. It's in the shops mid-April.
Heard Grant talk on NPR about ride to work day. He was recommending that we cycle to work in our regular work clothes. I'm sure my co-workers and clients would appreciate my sweaty, grease covered suit. I'm also not sure how well my patent leather shoes would work on spd pedals :-)

Bad idea, Grant. I'd rather wear my geeky cycling spandex and change at work.
terry hutt 23 May 2016 at 16:29