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11 July 2011 1 comment

Knee Socks

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Knee Socks
For those of us who are sold on the advantages of wearing short pants for cycling, finding a proper knee sock to cover your legs can often be a hassle, or practically impossible. Particularly if you're looking for something out of the ordinary. Thank goodness we at Brooks take our sock-wearing seriously. Here are a few of our favorites. First, welcome Hussars, the "Original Nearside Offside Polo Socks", a new entry in the knee sock market. Now while we don't claim to have any idea which side our socks are oriented, be it "near" or "off", we do collectively share the experience of being near socks that were a bit off. (drumroll, please) But seriously, ever since what seems like yesterday and the decline of the knickerbocker pant, finding a sock of the proper length and temperament has been at times a difficult chore. Chris Curvers, editor of PACE, Germany's largest (horse) polo magazine with a circulation numbering in the hundreds, became aware of a desperate shortage of appropriate hosiery for the pony and mallet set. So he set about creating his own line of polo-specific socks. He gave us a ring at Brooks and asked if we wouldn't mind trying out a pair as well, which we did as we gladly accept free socks from anyone offering them.  The heavyweight version he sent withstood the sub-zero temperatures of February with flying colors, while the elastic managed to hold the sock up through multiple wearings. (ewwww... but don't say you don't know what we mean) Made from 85% Organic Cotton 13% Polyester and 2% elastic, the Hussars is a soft and surprisingly warm three-season sock. Available over the Hussars website for 22 euros. Next up are Wackysox, which despite their name are also a serious contender in the sock market.  Unlike Hussars, who despite their name are actually made in Germany, these wacky socks are made right here in the good ol' wacky UK. Aside from wacky, mindboggling is another word that one could use to describe the variety of styles under the WackySox umbrella. Made of 75% Coolmax and 25% Polyester, these socks have the feel of traditional football socks, but certainly not the looks, and at 10 GBP a pair, might have you donning a fresh pair each day of the week. Another sock that has long made the grade is the classic Burlington Knee High. This sock is 80% merino wool/20% polyester and though thin, surprisingly warm in winter while casually cool in warm weather. This classic is usually found buried in the sock department of a stuffy department store or easily had for 13 euros from their web shop. Please don't let the set production values distract you And thats it for knee socks, incidentally something you probably do not need right now. For more knee socks, check out Bicycle Fixation, and Wigwam.
I've just got to have some of those Wackysox.
Jack Ayre 23 May 2016 at 16:08